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It’s time to give back to our elders

In Pakistan over 65 million people live below the poverty line.  The elderly and sick are most likely to suffer from the medical, physical and psychological impacts of living in extreme poverty.

At Zohra Foundation, we believe that the neglect of the vulnerable and old is a form of abuse.

We won’t let this happen.

By working with volunteer doctors and nurses we are able to provide support and medical care to the elderly.  We can be there for the people who need us the most; our Grandparents.  

Our Story

Meet our Grandparents

Adopt a Grandparent

Zohra Foundation

Today over 210 million people live in extreme poverty in Pakistan.  Increasingly a large number of these are elderly men and women.

It is now estimated that over 42% of people over the 50 years in the region struggle to have the food, medicine and shelter they need to survive.

Our Projects

In the last 5 years we have saved the lives of thousands of vulnerable, elderly men and women across Pakistan.  Our free medical treatment and sponsorship program is giving them final days with hope and dignity.

Adopt a Grandparent

For £25 a month you can give elderly, vulnerable people the medical care, food, shelter and support they need to survive.

Dementia Care 

Your support will mean that Dementia patients and their families have physical, psychological and emotional care.

Zakat Project Medical Camps

Medical and Eye Camps

Save the lives of the elderly in Pakistan. Give them the free medical treatment, advice and support they are cut off from.

Zakat Project Food and Shelter

Food and Shelter 

Millions of the elderly do not have enough food and shelter to survive.  Provide them with the basic necessities they need.