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Adopt a Grandparent

Our Adopt a Grandparent project transforms the lives of hundreds of elderly people.  We focus on providing the physical, psychological and emotional support they live with dignity and respect they deserve.


Dementia Care

In Pakistan the lack of understanding about the impact of Dementia on its sufferers and their families is having devastating consequences.  Our team provide urgent case and support for all of those involved.


Medical Camps

The extremely high cost of medical care in Pakistan means that many elderly people are forced to choose between basic necessities, like food and shelter, or medical treatment.  Our free medical care saves lives.


Eye Camps

Age related cataracts is the most common cause of preventable blindness among the poor in Pakistan.  Our eye camps and medical centres provide free treatment to restore the eye sight of hundreds of elderly patients every year.


Food and Shelter

The increasing number of elderly people in Pakistan is leaving thousands of them vulnerable to starvation, abuse and neglect.  Our ongoing food parcels and shelter is saving the lives of hundreds of vulnerable, elderly men and women.