Daulat Khan is blind and poorly. He’s in desperate need of medical attention and care. Can you help him? 

The son of a farmer in Nizampur village, Daulat was born into a large family. Youngest of eight siblings, he was often neglected and never got an education. When Daulat started losing his eyesight at the age of fifteen, his family consulted a herbalist in their village. The medication he prescribed made little difference.

When Daulat’s eye-pain got too much, his father took him to a hospital in Nowshera. The doctors diagnosed him with cataract and said he’d need surgery. But because his father couldn’t afford the medical fees, he took his son back home.

It wasn’t long after Daulat’s father died. His brothers, who’d moved to Karachi by then, came for the funeral and offered to take Daulat back with them. They promised to find him a job in the big city, and get his eyes treated. In Karachi, Daulat started working as a construction worker with his brothers, who kept telling him he had to earn money for his cataract operation. Unable to see, he suffered a number of work injuries and often got told off. Eventually he realised his brothers had no intention of helping him, so Daulat ran away.

With nowhere to go, Daulat slept rough on the streets of Karachi. He was forced to beg for food, and sometimes even ate from shrines. He doubts his brothers ever tried to find him.

After ten years of homelessness in Karachi, Daulat returned to his home village. He found that his mother had passed away and that his siblings had sold their family home and land. He didn’t know where they were or how to get in touch with them. Neither did he want to.

Now at age 60, Daulat is vulnerable and suffering from poor health. Desperate for help, Daulat travelled to Rawalpindi from Nizampur, Nawshera to seek out Zohra Foundation. In Rawalpindi, he was taken in by an old friend of his father’s. To earn his keep, Daulat takes his host’s grandchildren to school every morning and brings them back home later in the day. It’s all that he’s able to do without his eyesight.

Zohra Foundation medical staff believe Daulat’s cataract is much too advanced for him to ever be able to see again. Nonetheless, he is still in need of eye surgery. Daulat also suffers from infected tonsils, which have prevented him from eating properly, and are also hindering his breathing. He’s currently on a course of antibiotics. If they fail, he will require a tonsillectomy.

We want to improve Daulat’s health and continue caring for him. Can you help?