Fazal Jan has no family and nobody she can depend on. Can you help?

Originally from Kashmir, Fazal Jan and her late husband moved to Rawalpindi many years ago. The two raised a family together on meagre resources, but eventually lost touch with their children when they grew up and left home. Fazal Jan’s husband used to suffer from severe asthma, which made him very frail in his old age. But with no one else to rely on, he was forced to continue working. Fazal Jan’s husband was a cleaner. He used to wash oil transport tankers to support his wife, and it was at work that he died in 2002.

After her husband passed, Fazal Jan was left alone and destitute. Without a home of her own, and with no means to pay for rent, she started sleeping rough on the streets of Rawalpindi. Eventually, some generous locals built a one-room shanty for her, on privately owned land. This is where she’s been living for the past ten years. With no cooking facilities, and no means to buy food, she’s been relying on local handouts for her daily sustenance.

When Fazal Jan came to Zohra Foundation in 2014, she was unable to open her mouth. Chronic dental problems had turned into a severe oral infection, which lead to tonsillitis and a build-up of puss in her jaw. Fazal Jan hadn’t eaten properly in days and was burning up with a fever. Our medical staff acted quickly to treat her infection. Fazal Jan’s recovery was gradual, but she was also diagnosed with a bone disease called Lumobsacral Syndrome. For this, we’ve been providing her with steroids, painkillers and physiotherapy.

Zohra Foundation volunteers made a local appeal on Fazal Jaan’s behalf, for food and clean clothing. Her neighbours have been providing her with regular meals since. She’s started talking again, and is happy to take care of herself to the best of her abilities. But our staff have been checking up on her regularly to ensure her health is improving.

Fazal Jan is in need of ongoing medical care and other basic necessities.