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Mr Bashir Ahmed and Mrs Safia Bibi

76 years and 57 years of age

Mr Bashir Ahmed and Mrs Safia Bibi are in desperate need of medical treatment and basic necessities to survive.

The youngest child of five brothers and two sisters Mr Bashir did not receive any education but taught children the Holy Qur’an to provide for his family.  After marriage Mrs Bibi helped her husband’s teaching.  But, for the last 40 years Mr Bashir has had hearing problems which has made it more difficult to earn a living.  They live with their one son in a small home that has no access to clean water. Their son has been disabled since birth so is unable to support his parents.

Today Mr Bashir is barely able to walk and suffers from stomach ulcers.  He needs medicine on a daily basis.  Mrs Bibi suffers from Diabetes and the constant care her husband requires means she is now unable to work.

Zohra Foundation has been providing the couple with medical treatment and weekly visits from our trained nurses.  Without our support this couple would be struggling to survive.