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Mr Daulat Khan

60 years of age

Daulat Khan is in desperate need of medical treatment and regular care. But he can’t afford either.

Mr Khan has been blind since he was 16 years old.  The youngest of five sisters and three brothers he stopped going to school when he was just 15 years old.  His family were unable to afford his medical treatment, so for decades he was forced to suffer in pain while his sight deteriorated.

After his father died his brothers forced him to work with them to pay for his treatment.  But his poor sight meant he injured himself several times and he eventually ran away.  For more than 10 years Mr Khan lived on the streets of Karachi.  His brothers sold all the family’s land in his village and he was left alone.

Today he lives with a friend of his father relying on the family for all of his medical costs and basic needs.  In our clinic we found that there is very little than can be done to restore Mr Khan’s sight.  What started as a simple cataract surgery has now deteriorated so much that will be difficult to reverse.  If we had seen Mr Khan sooner, then we believe our Doctors may have been able to have treated him.

We are currently giving Mr Khan vitamins and antibiotics to improve his other medical problems and ongoing tonsillitis.    Whilst we cannot restore his sight, we pray that Mr Khan will now have some relief from the hardship that he has gone through during his life.