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Mr Faqeer Khan

60 years of age

Faqeer Khan and his wife are in desperate need of medical treatment to survive. But the couple and their family can’t afford either.

Faqeer was born in a small village close to Peshawar and received no education.   For nearly 20 years he lived and worked on a farm with his family.  When the owner died he tried to continue to manage the farm to provide for his family, but eventually was forced to find other work.

In 2010 Faqeer started to suffer from Cardio Vascular disorder.  Despite advice from his doctors to rest he was forced to continue to work to provide for his wife.  Then in 2014 Faqeer’s wife was diagnosed with Leukaemia.  Both of them are living in a critical condition and need lifesaving medical treatment.

Both Faqeer and his wife live with their son. However, he and their other children are unable to afford the extra, expensive medical costs which are needed to help their parents survive.

With the ongoing support from Zohra Foundation we have been able to provide some treatment to the couple and give them a life of dignity and honour.