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Mr Laj Mohammad

Laj Moahmmad is in urgent need of surgery.  Without the support of Zohra Foundation he will never be able to afford this lifesaving treatment.    

Laj Mohammad used to be a blacksmith, back in his native village of Meraj Payan.  For many years, he supported his family on a meagre income gained from making small, agricultural and household tools.  But a life of poverty and intreated stomach ulcers, eventually took their toll on his body. Laj Mohammad now suffers from hypertension, severe stomach ulcers and prostrate enlargement.

Following the loss of his wife, Laj Mohammad was forced to move in with his son.  Laj’s son is a day labourer, who lives in rented accoomodation and has a family of four to support.  He and his wife are unable to provide Laj with the care he needs.  Neither can they afford the medical treatment he requires.

When Laj Mohammad came to Zohra Foundation, our staff found that his health was deteriorating rapidly.  We supplied him with medication for his stomach ulcers, as well as counselling and anti-depressants to tackle the hypertension. But Laj is in urgent need of surgery for his enlarged prostrate.  With medication and hospital fees included the process will cost an estimated £3,500 – a sum of money Laj Mohammad has never seen in his lifetime.  Can you help?