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Mr Mehrab Wali Khan

61 years of age

Mehrab Wali Khan urgently needs medical, emotional and psychological treatment.

Mehrab grew up in a small village.  The nearest school was over 30 miles away and crops were the only source of income for the family.

When his father got sick, they were forced to walk 15 miles to reach the nearest medical facility.  But when they arrived, they found it was closed.  Mr Mehrab had no money to travel to the nearest town and was forced to take his father back to his village.  Without any medical treatment his father had a painful death. He feels immense guilt for his father and mother’s passing a few years later.

Mehrab today is struggling to survive.  His financial situation is very bad and he suffers from chronic depression, diabetes, arthritis and severe eye problems.  Our doctors believe that his chronic depression and emotional state is linked to the extreme poverty he has suffered.

Zohra Foundation have been able to provide him with the medical, emotional and psychological treatment to help him improve his situation and health.  Whilst we could not help his father we pray that our free treatment gives him hope for a better future.