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Mrs Nazeeran Begum

73 years of age

Nazeeran Begum is in desperate need of medical treatment and regular care. But she can’t afford either.

73 year-old Nazeeran Begum is a widow of 25 years, but it was the loss of her only son, which dealt her the greater blow. Nazeeran’s son used to work as a driver for a private coach company in Rahim yar Khan. He worked long hours to provide for his family and elderly mother. He died in a traffic accident, in 2003, leaving behind a widow and three orphans. Since then, Nazeeran Begum’s health has been on the decline.

The family moved to Rawalpindi in search of work and better prospects. Nazeeran Begum had to sell her home in Rahim yar Khan in order to facilitate the move. With the money left over, they bought land and built a single room shanty-house where the whole family lived. Neither of the children got an education.

Today, Nazeeran’s grandson works as a day labourer, and her granddaughter works as a domestic servant. Before Nazeeran Khan started receiving support from Zohra Foundation, their meagre earnings were spent on their grandmother’s medical fees. The treatment, they found later, was based on an incorrect diagnoses.

Nazeeran Bagum suffers from diabetes and a severe case of arthritis. When she first came to us, she had difficulty walking and speaking. Zohra Foundation’s medical team in Rawalpindi started supplying Nazeeran with a monthly course of insulin (every month), Vitamin B12 as well as steroids and painkillers for her arthritis. In fact, the best way to tackle Nazeeran’s arthritis is through surgery. However, she’s too poorly to undergo the operation, which would be dangerous for anyone at her age.

Through generous donations, Zohra Foundation was able to build a separate toilet with a commode and easy bathing facilities at Nazeeran Begum’s home. Our staff in Rawalpindi visit her with regular health checks and provide her with medication. But she needs ongoing care and support.