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Mr Pir Riaz Ali Shah

50 years of age

Pir Riaz Ali Shah is in desperate need of surgery to give him the dignity he deserves. But he can’t afford it.

Mr Shah was born in a small remote village in Pakistan. The lack of opportunities to earn a living in the region meant people were forced to travel to provide for their families.  But, Ali was born with bent feet and fingers which left him unable to stand or hold anything.

For the last 50 years of his life Ali has been unable to do anything without the help of others.  He relies on his family to do everything which has left him living without dignity or hope for a better future.   Whilst his medical condition is not life threatening it has a determinantal psychological and emotional impact on his life.

With your support we will be able to give Ali and his family the chance of a better life.  The surgery will not only mean he can move unaided but also the dignity and respect he deserves.

Can you help?