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Mrs Rashida Begum

67 years of age

Rashida Begum suffers from diabetes and is often left alone.  Without our support she has no way to control her blood sugar.

Rashida Begum came to us in April 2015.  At the time, Zohra Foundation was running an awareness raising campaign about blood sugar, in Moorgah Rawalpindi.  We were also offering free medical tests for people with limited means.

67 year-old Rashida queued up with 80 other men and women, who came to see our specialist doctors that day.  She suffered from diabetes, but wasn’t on proper medication. Following her diagnosis, our doctors referred her for urgent treatment in hospital.  Thanks to the generosity of donors, we were able to cover all the costs this incurred.

Blood sugar in old age is linked to eye problems, kidney problems and even the onset of dementia.  High sugar levels can be fatal for older people.  Rashida Begum lives with relatives but is often left alone. Without support, she’s utterly hopeless. Without medication, she has no way to control her blood sugar.  Can you help?