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76 years of age

Saleem is alone and suffers from serious medical conditions.  He needs ongoing support and treatment.

76 year-old Saleem has never been married, because he never had the financial stability. The son of farmers who immigrated from India, and worked as gardeners for a living, Saleem lost his parents as a child. Today, he doesn’t even know where their graves are.

At a young age, Saleem took up the only occupation he knew. For many years he worked as a gardener in people’s houses and outside office buildings. But soon he developed various allergies to plants and flowers, and had to start taking antihistamines. This only suppressed Saleem’s immediate allergic reactions, so that he could carry on working, while his allergies got worse and his health continued to deteriorate.

Today Saleem suffers from asthma and severe acne all over his upper body. When he came to Zohra Foundation, our medical staff supplied Saleem with medication and creams for his acne, as well as inhalers and tablets for his asthma. We continue to do so, and also provide him with regular health checks to ensure he is improving.

The only family Saleem has is an older sister who is married to a caretaker. She and her husband live in the servants quarters of their employer’s home. Saleem lives alone in a small hut, which was built by his parents on land owned by Rawalpindi municipality. At his age, and with such poor health, he needs on going care and support.  Can you help?