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Mrs Shahida Begum

67 years of age

Shahida Begum suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and an abnormal heart beat.  Without our support she would not be able to afford her lifesaving medication.

Mrs Begum is a single mother of two daughters.  She split up with her husband 30 years ago when she found out that he was secretly married to another wife and had children. Mrs Begum is uneducated and learnt to tailor clothes to support her family.  One of her daughters helped her tailor ladies clothes and another looked after the house.

Now both of her daughters are married and they have moved to another city.  Mrs Begum lives alone and whilst her daughters pay for the rent on her house she has provide for all her other living expenses.

Mrs Begum has diabetes, high blood pressure and an abnormal heart beat.  Zohra Foundation have provided glasses for her eyesight and medicine for her diabetes and high blood pressure.  For her irregular heart beat our doctors have arranged an appointment at the local medical facility.  With the support of Zohra Foundation we also want to provide enough food for her too so she can live a happy, healthy life.