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Mrs Zeenat Hafiz

71 years of age

Zeenat Hafiz has suffered from ongoing medical conditions that have resulted from living in extreme poverty for decades.  

71 year-old Zeenat Hafiz was suffering from severe eye pain when she boarded a mini-bus on the outskirts of Rawalpindi.  She had heard about the Zohra Foundation medical camp, and was desperate.

Zeenat lives in a  village where there is a severe lack of healthcare facilities.  In medical emergencies, she’s forced to travel to the nearest hospital.  But her means are so limited, she can barely afford the cost of her journey, let alone the high cost of hospital treatment.

When Zeenat came to us she was suffering from severe eye-pain.  Our specialist doctors found that she had a corneal ulcer, caused by a fungal infection. We were able to treat Zeenat’s ulcer, and provide her with a course of medications to clear the infection.

Zeenat is no longer suffering from eye-pain, but the conditions in which she lives make her vulnerable to poor health.  Thriving on a meagre diet has weakened Zeenat’s immune system.  She’ll be at risk this winter when the cold sets in.