Munawar Jan is in poor health, and cannot afford her medication. Can you help her?

At age 80, Munawar Jan is still active and self-reliant. She cooks, cleans and takes care of all her domestic needs. Though hard of hearing, this boisterous woman is full of stories about her life and loves to tell them. When she does, Munawar Jan leaves little room to wonder how she’s come to be so strong.

Hailing from a small village on the border of Afghanistan, Munawar Jan was married off at the age of 15 to an older man who already had two wives and eleven children. This was the custom in her culture, and because her husband was a wealthy man, it was considered a good match. But her new family were unkind. Being the younger, third wife, Munawar Jan was severely mistreated by everyone including her husband. She had to grow up quickly and learn everything the hard way.

Munawar Jan had three children. She raised them as well as some of the children of her sister wives. Her life as a married woman was one of domestic labour and abuse. When her husband passed away in 1980, Munawar Jan took her children and left his household. She travelled to Rawalpindi, where she sought refuge with one of her brothers.

After a fifteen year legal battle, Munawar Jan was able to receive her meagre share of an inheritance from her late husband. With it, she bought a small patch of land and built a house for her family. Today, this is where Munawar Jan lives by herself. Her children have all married and moved away to different cities. Occasionally her grandchildren come to visit her, but recently she lost one of her daughters. The untimely death of her child has shaken her more than anything she’s had to face in her lifetime.

When Munawar Jan came to Zohra Foundation, our medical staff diagnosed her with cardiovascular disorder, psychosis and a serious skin disease. The medication she was prescribed costs roughly £80 a month. Munawar Jan cannot afford her treatment. Yet without it her health will deteriorate very rapidly. Zohra Foundation has been supplying Munawar Jan with medication on a monthly basis, but we need your help to continue doing so. Can you support us?