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Ramadan Appeal 2019

Ramadan is a month which Muslims eagerly anticipate every year.  It is a month filled with blessings and the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with our Lord through fasting, prayer and charity.

For most Muslims it is a month of celebration and Iftars (meals breaking a day of fasting) are large, nourishing meals for family and friends.  However, for millions of elderly people in Pakistan the fasting of Ramadan is no change from their daily struggle for food and clean water. Instead of lavish Iftars many of the elderly barely have enough food to break their fast.

Why the elderly in Pakistan need you?

Today in Pakistan over two million elderly people do not have the food, medicine and shelter they need to survive.

Traditionally in Pakistan elderly members of the family has always been cared for by their relatives and local communities.  However, increasing urbanisation and poverty in the region means that many elderly men and women have been left alone and vulnerable.  Those who do live with caregivers often feel like a burden and families are unable to afford the medical care and support they need.

The elderly in Pakistan are facing a bleak future.  Instead of getting the hope, respect and the dignity they deserve they often suffer from financial, physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their families and communities.  This abuse and the poor living conditions for many of the elderly is leading to increasing rates of suicide, malnutrition and treatable physical medical conditions.

Every day the situation in Pakistan becomes more desperate for the elderly.  There is an increasingly aging population that have no access to financial and medical support.  Today there are millions of elderly men and women who are living in extreme poverty. With no access to clean water, food and shelter they suffer from ongoing, painful physical and psychological conditions.

Your Sadaqah and Zakat will give them some hope this Ramadan and give the elderly men and women in Pakistan a chance to have the Ramadan they deserve.

Our Ramadan Projects

Zohra Foundation knows that thousands of elderly men and women in Pakistan are relying on your generosity this Ramadan.  In 2017 we sponsored over 2,000 grandparents but this year we want to support over 10,000 with hot meals, shelter and medical aid.  Support Zohra Foundation this Ramadan and give the elderly the hope, dignity and respect they deserve.

“Wealth will not be decreased by giving charity.” (Narrated by Muslim, 2588)