Rozi Khan was abandoned by his family. He’s homeless and suffers from dementia. Can you Help?

Rozi Khan is only 53 years old, but he suffers from an early onset of dementia. Doctors suspect his condition was brought on by substance abuse. We were told that Rozi became addicted to narcotics at a very young age. He spent much of his life on the streets of Peshawar City, where he scraped by as a day labourer when he was able to work. Rozi was brought to Rawalpindi by relatives who did not want to take responsibility for him, and left there.

Zohra Foundation medical staff in Rawalpindi have prescribed medication which can help make Rozi’s condition manageable. But unfortunately, there is little chance he can be cured. Our efforts now are to support him so that he can regain the ability to handle his own basic needs through routine.

Before we started supporting him, Rozi was sleeping rough. Our volunteers arranged a basic shelter for him, so that he has a place to return to at nights. We also supply him with daily meals and ensure he’s taking his medication.

We want to continue to support Rozi Khan so that he doesn’t end up on the streets again.

Can you help?